FSI Server

FSI Server 2.1

You only need to create and maintain a single version of each image
2.1.5927 (See all)

With FSI Server software you get everything you need to add dynamic single source imaging to your website.
With FSI Server you only need to create and maintain a single version of each image. It produces all the right variations including color profiles and formats in real-time. This concept is known as "single source dynamic imaging".

Web applications can request an image in different sizes, resolutions and formats directly from the FSI Server using http queries. FSI Server also supports zoomable images on the web. This means a company can let web site visitors take a closer look at their information, products and services, to zoom in and examine details of high resolution images in a bandwidth efficient manner.

- Dual Core CPU or better recommended
- 2 GB RAM per CPU core recommended
- Operating System (64 bit highly recommended):
- Linux (e.g. Debian 4.0-6.0, Fedora 9/10/11, Ubuntu 6.06 - 10.04 LTS, SuSE 11.x, RHEL 5.5, 6.0)
- Sun Solaris 10
- Microsoft Windows® Server 2003, 2008
- Mac OS (Server) 10.5 - 10.6
- Applications:
- Oracle/Sun Java SE 6
- Java Application server like Tomcat 6.0.18 or above

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